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PITLAKQ is a powerful simulation model for spatially resolved water quality processes in pit lake that represents processes based on physical and chemical laws. This can make applications of PITLAKQ complex. Therefore, it can be useful to get help from an expert, especially in the beginning of a project.

Jump start your Pit lake Modeling Project

Dr. Mike Müller is the author of PITLAKQ. He knows the ins and outs of PITLAKQ because he programmed and applied it to many different lakes. You can hire him to help you to get the most out of PITLAKQ.

Develop In-house Expertise

Our approach always includes knowledge transfer. Your modeling team will learn by using the model. Alternately, you can book a training to learn the usage of PITLAKQ more systematically.

Add your Preferred Features to PITLAKQ

PITLAKQ is open source. You can always use the software free of charge. Furthermore, the open source approach makes it easy to extend PITLAKQ to better suite your needs. You can do this yourself by modifying the PITLAKQ source code. Alternatively, you can hire us to do the programming for you. For many use cases, the latter option will like be the faster and more cost effective approach. All code changes will become open source to make PITLAKQ more useful for all users.

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