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PITLAKQ Training

PITLAKQ is open source software and therefore free of charge. It is an sophisticated piece of software that can solve all kinds of pit lake water quality modeling problems. Peopled learned to use PITLAKQ for simple tasks by just reading the manual. Because it so flexible, combining all the options from CE-QUAL-W2, PHREEQC and the newly added modules for groundwater and bank influences, PITLAKQ can do more. You can invest in the knowledge and skills of your employees and book a workshop. Let Dr. Mike Müller, the author and maintainer, of PITLAKQ teach your staff all the tricks they need to work with PITLAKQ.

You can also combine consulting with training. This allows using your own real-world example in the course. Outsource parts of the first project and let your team learn enough to handle the second on their own. We help you with this.

In addition, we also offer support. This can be helpful before and after a training as well as during a project. Support comes in increments starting from one hour. Sometimes, that is all you need to get the right answer to solve your problem.


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